Projects Archive Table

Project NameSuperviserStudents NameProject Year
Image Forgery Detection ProjectRoman KaplanOr Kozlovsky and
Matan Danos
Machine Learning from DisasterEyal Ben-DavidShani Elharar and
Sapir Amar
Advanced optimization methods for LSTMs in RLChen TeslerOmri Carmi and
Harel Hasky
Developing an algorithm to define one by blinks using EEG signalOren RozenAmitay Lev and
Eran Shachar
Reviews ClassifierRoman KaplanLiav Zayde
Israel Sachartov
Distributed Q-Learning with Gittins PrioritizationTom ZahaviJhonathan Osin
Naama Pearl
Voice Automation of iRobotKobi KohaiNoy Orovan
Lidar Ben Porat
Learning structure for learning agents using evolutionary algorithmsTom JurgensonShiraz Benyatov2018
Planning and Scheduling Using Temporal Actions Project SummaryAyal TaitlerMichael Novitsky2017
Inverse Reinforcement Learning in Contextual MDPsTom ZahavyPhilip Korsunsky and
Stav Belogolovsky
Training AI to drive in Formula FSD challengeEden SassonYoni Bettan2018
Tracing cars in difficult scenarioGabi DavidovRonen Landesman and
Yaniv Shnaider
Dog-like RobotKobi KohaiSamir Yamin and
Shhadi Naamaneh
Minimal Energy Required for a Circuit Transient – project descriptionAviad FahimaNoa Zargari2018
Autonomous Kite Defense DroneRoee MazorNiv Nachmani and
Nadav Lugasi
CNN Spatial OptimizationsGil ShomronIdo Imanuel and
Inna Batenkov
Arbitrage system for cryptocurrency tradingMark LevinAmeer Saleh and
Muhammad Abu Yonis
Developing Monitoring Fires In Forests Using IoT technology – Sub 1GHz TransceiverKobi KohaiHussien Abed-Alrhman and
Mohmd Mhaysy
Smartphone Motion Mode RecognitionItzik KleinLioz Noy and
Nir Bernard
MDP MinimizationChen TesslerDaniel Khapun and Adam-Avraham Elgressy2018
Drone autonomous trackingTom ErezOr Kutner and Beniamino Di Veroli2018
Forgotten Baby Syndrome – Vehicle Automated Prevention MeasureAyal TaitlerAdam Barhak and Asaf Itzhak2018
Tracing cars in difficult scenarioGabi DavidovRonen Landesman and Yaniv Shnaider2017
Planning a green power gridAviad FahimaAriel Gilady and Dima Ivanov2017
Action elimination DQN: exploration via confidence boundsChen TesslerAlexander Tsvetkov and Nir Diamant2017
Implicit bias in optimization algorithmsMor Shpigel-NacsonZiv Dor and Shachar Praisler2017
Integration of Smartphone with Educational Robot (Reverse Engineering)Ofer DaninoRany Shahla and Sewar Krayim2017
Ultrasound Nerve SegmentationAyal TaitlerTomer Lange and Roy Maor2017
Minimal Energy Storage for Stability of Arrays of Renewable Energy SourcesAviad FahimaRon Ofir2017
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Human MovementTom ZahavyAlexander Tsvetkov and Amro Abu-Saleh2018
circuit design for regulating voltage on a vericapYoash LevronVictor Dunayevsky2017
Blink detection system using EEG signal for language and control applicationsGabi DavidovNir Shaul and Ron Schwarz2018
Catching a ball with DC control and video feedbackGabi DavidovDor Raz and Victor Dunyevsky2017
Generative Adversarial NetworksAyal TaitlerTamir Paz and Ron Hirsh2018
Successor Features for MinecraftDaniel MankowitzAsaf Polakovsky and Sharon Yogev2017
ROS Based Remote Controlled IROBOT Via Arduino, Odroid/NUC and WebOhad RusnakOmri Rozenzaft and Itai Meyouhas2017
Feasibility study of a partial gyro-free inertial navigation system mounted on a robotItzik KleinHadar Moreno and Reut Dinkevich2017
Advanced control methods for ball stabilization on a parallel robotAyal TaitlerYotam David and Gal Kedmi2017
Arduino based electric guitar multi effectKobi KohaiErez Zlotkov and Sasi Chen2017
Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning (MARL) in StarCraft 2Guy AdamDor Hugi and Eiv Izy2017
Eye Blinks monitoring Algorithm development using Brainwave samplingOren RozenAmitay Lev and Eran Shachar2017
Emotion Recognition by analyzing brainwavesKoby CrammerBen Kretzu and Amit Peleg2017
Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management: The Deep Reinforcement Learning ApproachTom ZahavyAlon Zabatani2017
Algo-Trading with RNNsAyal TaitlerYair Schiff and Raz Petel2017
Sagway Robot ControlYosi LevitasTariq Murad and Hisham Saad2017
Arduino based hearing aid deviceKobi KohaiErez Zolkov and Erez Schwartz2017
Developing a framework using MATLAB to control BIOLOID robotKobi KohaiYarin Solomon and Omri Kobel2016
Bayesian Online Training of Neural NetworksChen ZenoTal Daniel2016
Speech Recognition/Classification using Deep Neural NetworksGuy AdamEtai Wanger and Eyal Ben David2016
Autonomous drone navigating by image processingKobi KohaiNitzan Kazaz2016
Online Distillation NetworkDaniel MankowitzAsaf Aharoni and Itai Peri2016
Magnetic sensor board for power flow analyzing of the power gridYoash LevronDudi Sabbag and Lior Schwartz2016
Multi-task DQNTom ZahavyDaniel Mankowitz2016
Solving Text-Based Games with Reinforcement LearningTom ZahavyYamin Ben Shimon and Ela Shahar2016
Learning to Play RoboCup Soccer from Scratch using Deep LearningDaniel MankowitzOfir Zafrir and Tomer Schweppe2016
Control of SERVO system including a loose jointIlan RusnakTal Bachar and Liad Harduf2016
Control and Deep Learning in Dynamic SystemsAyal TaitlerMorag Tohamy and Omer London2016
Navigation Algorithm for padestrian without using GPSGabi DavidovAlon Fogel2017
Video tracking of maneuvering and hidden targetsGabi DavidovMoshe Rafaeli and Yehuda Bilin2016
Optimal Planning Algorithm for Generalized Isolated Signalized IntersectionAyal TaitlerYoav Levi2016
Transfer Learning in DQN using weighted layers copyingTom ZahavyEitan Ziv and Gal Shachaf2016
Develop Android Application to Locate a Car in the ParkingAyal TaitlerFiras Taha and Raed Kanazi2017
Robotic fruit picker modelMark LevinHodaya Barron and Liron Alaluf2016
Monte-Carlo Tree Search in real-time problems and in Machine LearningNir Ben ZrihanElad Lavie and Dvir Yerushalmi2016
Electronic gear shifting system based on a single DC motor for “Formula” race carsKobi KohaiOr Kozlovsky and Omer Marksheid2017
Air Hockey RobotKobi KohaiIbrahim Assad and Inbar Donag2017
Automated Antenna TrackerKobi KohaiEyal Genis and Roi Yehudai2017
Analysis of Ultrasonic Vocalization of RodentsKoby CrammerGili Weiss and Roei Dadush2017
Feature Extraction Approach in Face RecognitionAyal TaitlerOfir Shomron and Shaked Meirom2017
Gait Controlled Knee BraceKobi KohaiUri Goldsztejn and Yinon Baracasa2017
Dynamics and Stability of a Slack-PV-Load Power SystemYoash LevronAviad Fahima and Ron Ofir2017
Self balancing an inverted pendulum using Reinforcement LearningAyal TaitlerIdo Leffel and Yotam Ishay2017
Incorporating Textual Information in Portfolio SelectionGuy UzielOr Avner and Ido Gilboa2019
Atmospheric model learning for weather predictionAyal TaitlerRonen Schaffer and Mor Gabay2018
Developing A Control Algorithm For Autonomous Flying And Obstacle Crossing Of A QuadcopterGabi DavidovOhad Yaari and
Alon Shabtay
Autonomous Car – Positioning and NavigationOfer DaninoRotem Vaknin and
Dan Eizenberg
Ultrasonic Navigation System for Autonomous CarsOfer DaninoSarah Tareef and
Eyal Naseraldeen
Real-time traffic signs recognitionOfer DaninoYahel Kleinman and
Ran Navon
Visualization of RL Agents’ Learning Process Using Prior-Based Modification Of t-SNE AlgorithmTom ZahavyGuy Shkury and
Manor Zvi
Development of a pedestrian navigation system without GPS by SVMGabi DavidovMenachem Amar and
Hanan Gevir
Natural Language State Space Representation for Reinforcement LearningGuy TenenholtzErez Schwartz2018
A Model Of Energy Storage Effect On Electrical GridAviad FahimaYehonatan Serlui and
Aviv Ratzon
Writing by blinkGabi DavidovYaniv Perez and
Evyatar Amar
Itay Issashar
Walabot-see through objects hidden from the human eyeAlex PoznerIshai Marom and
Nadav Bar-Sheshet
Feasibility Study of Multi Inertial Measurement UnitItzik KleinAriel Larey and
Eliel Aknin
Training Deep Neural Networks by optimizing over nonlocal paths in hyperparameter spaceJonathan EfroniVladislav Pushkarov2018
Hierarchical reinforcement learningChen TeslerYekaterina Podiachev and
Tsachi Blau
Video Tracking of Multiple Moving and Hidden TargetsGabi DavidovAlmog Kradshtein and
Eylon Teneh
Cancer Stage PredictionRoman KaplanElad Alon2019
6X6 Hexapod projectKobi KohaiAmir Belder and Nadav-Ram Siegelman2019
Identify a target movement using machine learningLiat Peled EitanSaar Kruk and Omer Zchut2019
Navigating without GPS based on INSGabi DavidovTom Kratter and Tomer Lerner2019
Deep Learning for place recognitionOmer ShalevDror Madem and Yuval Silman 2019
design modern school campus electrical system consisting of several buildings and open spacesDan WienshtokWatted Mostafa and Yehonatan Serlui2018
SIMPLE Continuous Action Off-Policy Reinforcement-LearningTom JurgensonYedidya Kaplan and Ayelet Seeman2018
social laws learning in multi agents environmentAyal TaitlerRoy Ganz and Yonathan Keselbrener2018
Advanced Approaches in Off-Policy Learning – SummaryChen Tessler and Nadav Merlis Bassel Hamoud and Timor Halaby 2018
Skills learning using Ordered Neurons architectures in RLGuy TenenholtzGal Yefet and Rotem Cohen Zedek2018
CROCS – Colonoscopy Referral Optimizing Compute SystemJonatan EfroniRotem Ohana and Snir Zango2018
Blockly & EV3 RobotOfer DaninoMuhammad Khamaise and Abed Alrhman Hussein 2018
People and Cargo Transportation Control SystemEli Ben UlielMeitar Heller2018
Zero Shot Burst ImagingEli Schwartz and Chaim BaskinNadav Kadvil and Shahar Mashiach 2018
Introduction to EE using Sphero Bolt for Middle and Secondary School StudentsKobi KohaiNashed Azaiza2018
Developing robot navigation system using muse headband:Gabi DavidovYarin Solomon and Omri Kobel2018
Integration of Blockly, Smartphone and LEGO kitOfer DaninoSewar Krayim and Rany Shahla 2018
Building Multi Agent RL Baselines in UnityOrr KrupnikRotem Levinson and Shahar Gotlib2018
Cryptocurrency Exchange Behavior PredictionMark LavinRavit Eliyahu and Omer Marksheid2018
Video streaming among an array of smartphones for monitoring a R33 robotOfer DaninoTimor Halaby and Wesam Hosen2018
Navigating without GPS based on INSGabi DavidovTom Krater and Tomer Lerner2018
Stock prediction with TwitterRoman KaplanAlon Sheffer and Ohad Vano2018
Development of an integrated smartphone educational robotOfer DaninoNor Mansour and Aseel Abd El Hi2019
Implementing Unsupervised Learning Method in U-Net Segmentation ArchitectureEyal Ben-DavidHod Raz and Avshalom Dayan2019
Humenoid dancing to music soundsKobi KohaiDaniel Balaish and Eldad Ohaion2019
Predict Airbnb Listing PricesRoman KaplanKeren Cohen, Yuval Aviran2019
States embedding for deep reinforcement learningGuy TenenholtzNeria Uzan2019
Deep and Shallow Reinforcement LearningTal DanielTom Norman and Zacharie Cohen
Forecasting Future Prices of Financial Markets with Machine Learning Algorithms with Inspiration from Technical Analysis ToolsKfir Yehuda LevyYuval Silman 2019
Comparison Between Boosting and Neural Networks in Predicting Movies Box OfficeTal DanielGuy Karinsky and Noam Hertz2019
Modular Snake Robot Capable Of High Mobility , For Hard Terrain ConditionsKobi KohaiOmer Liberman and David Comte2019
Video Stabilization Using Inertial SensorsGabi DavidovIgor Berezhnoy and Mervat Khoury2019
Quadruped Dog Robot – CharlieBotKobi KohaiJulia Ozerov and Shai Schnarch2019
Control & trajectory planning optimizationIsrael Schallheim Matti Baer 2018
“My Guardrone-Angel”Ronen NirDvir Halutz and Dvir Kiner2019
Slung RobotIlan RusnakNir Hershkovits and Guy Bernstock2020
Algorithm for arranging Takeoffs and LandingsAyal TaitlerBar Mamran and Tom-Avi Shapira2019
RL using Context Free GrammarGuy TenenholtzNatan Kaminski and Nimrod Barazani2019
Point Robot Motion Planning With ObstaclesTom Jurgenson
Daniel Hadromi and Nadav Barsheshet2019
solving Sudoku using machine learning and AI toolsTom Jurgenson and Ron DorfmanBarak Mamistvalov and Chen Dudai
Mastering Blackjack: Combining Reinforcement Learning with Deep Reinforcement LearningTal DanielAmir Avivi and Sagi Bouzaglo2019
Voice Control of a HumanOid robotKobi KohaiGili Oved and Shir Graus2019
People Counter – counting entries and exits from a room while maintaining privacyMark LevinEyal Shlomo and Tomer Elbaz2018
Developing a system for controlling an irobot using eye blinks and head movements signals got from Muse headbandGabi DavidovJwan Khoury and Mohamad Massalha2018
Analysis of modern electric grids from the perspective of game theoryAviad NavonJoseph Cassel and Michael Perl2019
Predict Future Bitcoin PricesRoman KaplanDaniel Shulimenco and Alon Eshel2019
Artificial Intelligence Planning for Solving Blocks World with RobotsRonen NirMatan Kleiner and Yuval Snir2019
Plan Generator to Modify Deep Neural Network DecisionsRonen NirAdi Ben Hayun and Gadi Shenhar2019
Power Quality Disturbances: Databases Generator GUI & Golden Standard ClassifierRam MachlevAvishay Chachkes2019